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Global Growth Unleashed: Bloom & Grow’s Strategic Partnership with NCY Design for Boomi Integration

Case Studies Jul 19, 2023


As an international distributor of high-end maternity and baby brands, Bloom & Grow aimed to expand across seven different countries. However, the complex task of integrating individual warehouses, multiple Shopify stores, and their ERP (Netsuite) across these countries proved to be a challenging feat. This is where NCY Design, a technology service provider specializing in Boomi integration, stepped in to revolutionize Bloom & Grow's operations.


Bloom & Grow operated in seven unique international markets, each with its individual warehouse, creating a complex operational environment. The existing setup with their ERP solution, Netsuite, and multiple Shopify stores lacked integration, leading to inefficiencies and increased operational costs. Moreover, the lack of integration hampered their ability to deliver a seamless customer experience due to limited real-time visibility and control over inventory and order fulfillment.


NCY Design, leveraging Boomi's Integration platform, was brought in to provide a seamless, easy-to-deploy, and scalable solution. They facilitated the integration of Bloom & Grow's ERP (Netsuite) and multiple Shopify stores with each of the seven warehouses, reducing operational costs and enhancing business processes.


Increased Efficiency: Post-integration, Bloom & Grow experienced a 45% increase in operational efficiency due to the reduction in manual data handling and elimination of redundant tasks.

Reduced Costs: The company reported a 30% decrease in operational costs, attributed to the reduced data duplication, lesser manual labor, and fewer errors.

Faster Order Fulfillment: With real-time inventory visibility and automatic order routing, order processing time was reduced by 60%, leading to faster delivery times and improved customer satisfaction.

Scalability: The integration offered by NCY Design allowed Bloom & Grow to scale up with minimal effort, ensuring seamless scalability.

Accelerated Growth: A 50% acceleration in B2B and B2C business growth was witnessed within the first year of integration, improving overall business agility.

Enhanced Customer Experience: The integration of different platforms led to a smoother purchasing process. Customers enjoyed real-time inventory, timely order confirmations, and faster delivery of their orders, resulting in a 40% increase in customer satisfaction within the first six months.


Bloom & Grow's successful partnership with NCY Design was integral to their global expansion strategy. The NCY Design team's expertise in Boomi integration allowed them to streamline their international operations, provide a seamless customer experience, and reduce operational costs. Positioned for further growth, Bloom & Grow stands as a testament to how strategic technology partnerships and smart integrations can drive business success on a global scale.